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3 Generations... Family owned and operated since 1995.

Mother and daughter Mary Lou and Sheri opened their first location in Jacksonville beach, FL in 1995. How did they arrive at the name Trompe L'oeil? A little to much wine while painting and getting ready to open. Their small beginnings turned into several locations and includes Carlos Sheri's husband who joined them from California, and Rachel, Sheri's daughter who grew up in the business, now owns and operates the Ponte Vedra location. The family is passionate about education and pride themselves on having a team that is not only talented but have the clients best interest at heart.  When you visit one of their salons, you will notice the team thrives on inclusion, positivity and support of each other. You will see staff helping one another and an abundance of happiness and love for each other.  Trompe L'oeil is a very special place filled with laughter, and kind, caring people that will do everything possible to ensure your visit is extraordinary every time.

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